My Child

John Pascal has released a new novel, "My Child" on Amazon and Kindle. Here's an introduction:

"My Child" is a sequel to "Wingin' It," including the cast of angels as well as people.

Jasmine is socially naive, and preyed upon by a womanizer.

Sensitive to what people think of her, she must deal with the break up and an unexpected package. Her choice is to disappear, but her real friends know her life is in danger.

"This very good Christian themed book is engrossing and
I do not want to put it down
—A satisfied reader.


Pascal John Imperato has been writing Science Fiction (among other things) since Junior High. He went from editor of "The Hackley" in High School to creative writing courses at Johns Hopkins. There was a temporary diversion to science and newspaper writing after he received his medical degree at Duke University.

However, with a born-again revelation in the eighties, he resumed writing, but with a messianic twist and under the pen name of John Pascal. His latest novel is "Prisoner 1171" about a woman unfairly imprisoned: her love, her passion, her danger.

Presently Pascal lives, loves, and writes in Fallbrook California.

The Bee

Physics instructor Joe Main thought his worst problems were boredom and divorce. But that was before he befriended Spero, an escapee from the future Earth. Tempted by fantastic travels to anywhere in time and space, Joe and Spero now find themselves evading capture and death. Two strong women come to their defense, one who wields brillance, the other her faith and her love. Together they battle a deified world dictator who crushes freedom, worship of "the unseen god," and who might just be the last Antichrist.


2247: The last antichrist is on a murderous spree, hunting those who worship the "Unseen God". Justin would rather find a peaceful solution and pursue the woman he loves. Unfortunately, he must be the leader of the revolution, and it would seem they have no weapons.


The Antichrist's deception crumbles and pure evil rises from the ruins. He expects their rebellion and has an unstoppable plan to defeat the Masters of Time and the Warriors of God. He will begin by incinerating the Earth. Conclusion novel of John Pascal's "The Revelation Trilogy", following "The Bee" and "Domes".

Prisoner 1171

Moving through many foster homes forced Esther to be independent, but she was not prepared to become the captive, trophy wife of a mobster. Despondent from a forced abortion, she met an elderly woman who befriended her and led her to Christ.

But the vengeful mob framed her for murder, so her new life of evangelism will be inside prison walls. For this she is beaten by inmates, but she and a writing instructor fall in love. Now Esther must choose to either continue God's work, or to be free and with the one she loves. The Syndicate chooses to see them dead.